Seinabo Sey
Hard Time (The Golden Pony Remix)

We hope everyone had just a peachy and (hopefully) extended holiday break in the states. As we slink back to work, school or wherever else the inaugural day of December finds you; there seems to be a need for a bit of post-Thanksgiving pick-me-up. And who better than to supply said spark than with two of our favorite disco-house movers and shakers, NYC’s The Golden Pony. After most recently coming off of a groove inducing disco remix of the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”, the afro sporting twosome approach their latest remix of Seinabo Sey’s “Hard Time” through a more conscientious classic house scope. Seinabo Sey’s vocals, which have fit most serendipitously on most any house remix, play delightfully amongst a soulful grand piano line and thumping four-four kick-drum for a slightly more directed to the club floor feel than they’ve sported in the past. We’ve been all over this one this morning, and we’re pretty sure it will coax a two-step and shuffle out of you as well. Stream The Golden Pony’s take on Seinabo Sey’s “Hard Time” above.

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