THNK TNK Records backed a debut EP from the artist select.browse.cancel called Encounters. This deep and techy dive into house music is full of hypnotic beats and mesmerizing structures from the melodies to the chord progressions and beyond.

Encounters is a two track EP. but it feels more like four or five given the nearly nine minute length of each of the tracks. Usually, that’d be a bit too long unless you’re talking about the extended mix of “Strobe,” but select.browse.cancel manages to keep your attention engaged throughout each track. Both singles share cosmic undertones, however they do differ well enough that you don’t feel like they’re the same tune, just varied slightly. It’s a big project for just being two songs in length and it has us ready for more from select.browse.cancel.

’select.browse.cancel. – Persistence of Memory’
’select.browse.cancel. – Encounters’
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