GREAATTT TRACCKKK FROM MY INBOX! YES, the caps are necessary. This gem of a song is too good to skip. The London artists who has decided to go by the secret alias Conrank just dropped a bootleg remix of Lil Wayne’s ‘I Feel Like Dying’. However, there is a catch… THERE ARE NO LIL WAYNE VOCALS! I know that concept is a little hard to grasp as who would really remix a Lil Wayne song without using him at all? Well my friends, that is why this track is so beautiful. Conrank looped the repeated high-pitched vocals on Wayne’s ‘I Feel Like Dying’ song, who are actually sung by singer-songwriter Karma, and then added a fat injection of drum & bass and a variety of electronic elements (however a little bit of dubstep wouldn’t have hurt). The result is a very house-ish mix that builds up nicely.

Conrank VS. Lil Wayne – I Feel like dying

’Conrank VS. Lil Wayne – i Feel like dying.mp3′
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