At this point in time, you should know about Eos. The young, Los Angeles based producer has been featured on our blog multiple times, and has been impressing ears across the world for almost a year now. Eos’ style is truly unique. While he does tend to lean with painfully jarring dubstep, he does so by blending it with some of the hottest songs out today.

He did so well with tracks like “Moves Like Jagger” and “We Found Love”, that he was noticed by Interscope Records. So instead of a bootleg that will inevitably get taken down by the big boys, this time he’s sanctioned to do a remix of Rye Rye’s track, Boom Boom. The teeny bopper anthem, which mimics the Venga Boys track from late 2000’s, has been decontructed into something rather enjoyable. Eos plucked the vocals from the original and utilized them in a way to make them perfect for the club and music festival goer. The dancy, poppy nature still remains, but when the drop comes, be prepared to throw your head back and forth.

If you have any questions for Eos, make sure to jump on twitter this Monday at 8pm EST. He will be doing a Q&A for all of his followers to ask him whatever he wants.

Rye Rye – Boom Boom (Eos Remix)

’Boom Boom (Eos Remix).mp3′
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