One of the best feelings in the world is coming across a new artist that just shreds. So was the case when we came across the French artist Suken. This cat is the real deal. His disco-meets-electro vibes are off the charts. He’s been doing his thing for close to a year now, but his debut EP, Linear Love Story, just dropped.

Linear Love Story is comprised of three singles and an outro. From the get go with the title track, you are sucked in 100%. You don’t wanna let go. Without hesitation, you hit the repeat all, because you just know you are in for a treat. Next, you’re met with “Space Opera” which is equally as impressive. Third on the list is “Oddity” a midway point between the two previous styles presented on the project. With the outro, the first half is an ambient masterpiece that leads into the second part of the song, which carries a totally different style than any other portion of this EP. Suken did a hell of a job with Linear Love Story, and we’re glad he did. Grab the project off his Bandcamp page today.

’Linear Love Story’
’Space Opera’
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