WOMP! & Maya Payne
Falling (Remix)

DAMN! Be careful with this as it’s a hot one. Newly formed act WOMP! just had a debut single drop today in the form of a remix of New Zealand singer Maya Payne’s track “Falling.” This is one of our favorite tracks of the year, and it’s WOMP!’s first single under the new act. The clean mix of bass and future house is perfectly executed. This is what other producers aspire for when they sit down to make a record of a similar style. Sound design is a key element in this track, whose bass sounds are just one of the many highlights of the record. For starters, Maya Payne offers up a vocal performance in her original that is nothing short of an A+, but what WOMP! did with it was just phenomenal. This is why it’s been dubbed as an official remix by the original creator. To kick off the project, this remix has been released as a free download, which we urge you to get and share around. WOMP!’s got some serious talent that you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

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