When it comes to bridging the gaps between dubstep, drum and bass and house – British duo Nero are doing a bloody good job. Appearing on the BBC sound of 2011 list, the duo picked up a lot of momentum in 2010, releasing plenty of bass filled tracks and touring the world, leading to a lot of critical acclaim. Real names Dan Stephens & Joe Ray, the boys have been pounced on by Chase n Status who have popped them on their label MTA (More Than A Lot) who will releasing Nero’s new album ‘Welcome Reality’ on May 15th.

This track is quite simply huge and it features the perfectly suited vocals of Alana who seems to be Nero’s vocalist of choice as she’s appeared on quite a few of their heavyweight tracks & remixes. Be sure to pick up the full version on 24th April on iTunes

Nero – Guilt

’Nero – Guilt’

[via Give Quiche A Chance ]

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