Mosh Pit

WOLV Records is quickly becoming a go-to place for great music. Dyro’s imprint is just over a year old, but its catalog is already stocked with tons of goodies, and that list continues to grow. Their latest release was a single called “Mosh Pit” by the Italian duo Goja.

With festival season underway, mosh pits are in abundance, so Goja’s single has come just at the right time. Its sound borders between dubstep and trap, bringing together elements of both into one festival crushing production. There’s a certain groove to it that head-banging bass lovers will appreciate to their core. Although its name would imply over-the-top energy, the song’s tone isn’t as provocative as you might think, but because this song’s sound design and groove are top quality you don’t really mind. Mosh pits are still going to form around this jam, and parties will be taken up a notch. Goja really put together a solid single with this one, which is why we went ahead and bought it. We’re thinking you are going to do the same.

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