Meet DJ/producer, I AM, an artist approaching things from a different angle. His journey is one worth telling – from spinning tracks at local block parties and clubs to sharing the stage at big festivals and teaming up with names like Cappa, Sean Bravo, and Edward Fasone.

Let’s talk numbers for a second – 6.6 million video views on TikTok and 88k streams on Spotify. This guy is doing something right. And his sound? Think of a catchy mix of electronic and pop that gets the crowd moving every single time. Pure vibes.

Now, about his new track, “TTT.” It’s more than just a house music experience; it’s a message. Crafted over six years, this track tells a story of passion and finding your groove. It’s the kind of tune that makes you want to close your eyes and just let go, finding those moments of self-belief and inner strength.

With dreams of rocking global stages and joining forces with top artists in his field, this artist is all about giving us a memorable musical ride. Take a leap and dive into his world with “TTT.” Trust us; it’s a trip worth taking.

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