The  Las Vegas quintet known as Imagine Dragons has, including their 2/14 release, four EPs under their belt. Having debuted in 2009, the releases kind of timeline the development and progression of the band- and hint at minor stylistic changes for the future. The Continued Silence EP actually lives up the the opposite of its name, if that makes sense, which is perfectly okay when you hear songs like “Radioactive”.

With “Radioactive” the band has taken a somewhat new approach and the track begins kind of mellow, smoothly played guitar licks frolicking over picked chord progression. When the first comes in though, the song taps into an unknown energy source that the band simultaneously controls and lets run wild in some wicked dance. The vocals are catchy, the drop is huge, and the track is sick all the way around. Check it out for yourself. (Or if you want to purchase the whole EP but having a tight budget, you can check out here for coupons on paid music streaming platforms)

Imagine Dragons-radioactive

’imagine dragons

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