The indie-pop foursome Alt-J took the world by storm with their September debut, An Awesome Wave, which recently snagged the esteemed Mercury Prize. For all curious but haven’t yet tried it: if you press alt-J on your keyboard it makes the Greek symbol for change. That’s what the name means. ∆ join Mountain Man (three Vermont folk singers who previously backed Feist) in this track set to appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film Silver Lining Playbook. It’s the synthetic, syncopated beats we love from Alt-J, combined with thicker (and higher) vocal harmonies from their collaborating female voices. They mix in some playful brass, major-minor switchbacks, and witty wordplay around the track’s title.

Hear Alt-J’s cinematic debut and check out Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen November 21st.

J feat. Mountain Man – Buffalo’
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