YOUNG (Mickey Valen Radio Edit)

We’ve had a full on musical man crush on AYER since posting his debut track, “Circle Down.” That man crush definitely escalated once we heard the whimsical nature of “Young.” Something about those vocals have captured our attention, and we’ll be damned if they won’t let go.

Right before the start of 2014, AYER’s producer, Mickey Valen (also known for his work with long-time TMN favorite NOOSA) dropped a light-hearted radio mix of “Young.” We know when we missed the boat on something, and not being able to get this post up definitely left us running down the dock yelling, “God dammit.”

The gorgeous piano work and uplifting dance beats flirt perfectly with the vocals, which would have been the perfect fit for an after midnight track on New Years. None the less, this interpretation will still crawl under your skin in all the best ways.

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