Bahamas Music
All The Time

Once again, we’re reminded how easy it is to fawn over Finnish-Canadian singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen, better known to the masses as Bahamas.

Dropping off of his upcoming album Bahamas is Afie (due out August 18th), “All The Time” is a delectable single that flaunts a perfect blend of both charming folk style and modern song-writing appeal. With a backdrop of some crunchy guitar chords that casually mingle with light and airy fingerpicking and a simplistic percussion pattern, this song is a beautiful way to cure the blues we’ve all been experiencing during this two year hiatus.

If you’ve seen Bahamas live, you’ll definitely appreciate this song in particular, due to the stellar solo Afie laid down. If you haven’t seen Bahamas live just yet, know that you’re in for some unique and eye opening guitar work, amongst finding yourself swooning over his every word and some nonchalant comedy in between songs.

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