It’s rare these days that you come across a group of musicians that don’t want to be recognized in some way for their hard work, but such is the case with Black Light Dinner Party—a quartet of four anonymous producers all hailing from the United States. Their music is pure electro-pop, and—despite operating off the gimmick of mystery—it displays a rarely found maturity.

Their first single, “Older Together,” is a gorgeous, melodic track. The opening crystal synthesizer oddly evokes memories of “Sprawl II” by Arcade Fire for me, which—while brilliant—is also dangerous, in that before they have even established themselves they can be compared to a mature band such as Arcade Fire. Their second single, “Small Boxes,” won’t draw any comparisons to more established bands, but it is fantastic nonetheless. Operating with a lovely crystal-y refrain, it’s an infectious and catchy track with some fantastic hooks that ultimately leave you satisfied with the experience as a whole.

Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together

’Older Together’

Black Light Dinner Party – Small Boxes

’Small Boxes’
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