New York duo Cults may have only been around for about a year, but they’ve already gained quite a following. Comprised of guitarist Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Folin, Cults make 60s girl group-referencing pop, with just a hint of darkness lurking in the heart of each and every song they’ve put out. Take for example, new track ‘You Know What I Mean’. Folin packs in a glorious performance, her sensual vocals driving the song, but the real highlight is the balance between delicacy and rage in Oblivion’s guitar. ‘You Know What I Mean’ is the song to put Cults on the map and into your hearts. ‘You Know What I Mean’ is taken from their self-titled debut album, available May 30 on Columbia Records.

Cults – You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults

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