Ardency never ceases to amaze us. Whether it’s their unique “neon 80’s” sound or their evolution as artists, the production duo undoubtedly sets a very high standard for other indie electronic acts. They’ve teased us with tracks like “Crystals” and “Races” off their EP, reminding us of their incredible talent. Now the wait is over, because their brand new Mechanism EP is finally here!

The four-track EP is definitely a game changer, as it perfectly showcases Ardency’s wide range of sounds. They step away from their usual neon dance vibe with “Like That”, which embodies a darker and heavier beat. The bassline resembles groups like Oliver who can masterfully fuse a retro sound with modern electropop music. “Crystals” is their hit single that has has an infectious melody with a the use of crystal synths. It shows a more chilled out side of their sound without losing authenticity.

“Races” stood out to us the most because of how different it is. The hardhitting bass towards the middle of the track was something we’ve never heard from them before, and it absolutely bangs. The melody-less bassline resembles the sound of REZZ, as it keeps adding to the epic buildup and outro of the track. It was definitely a favorite of ours. The EP ends with the title track “Mechanism” which once again features vocals by Icelandia. The soothing harmonies and the well-crafted synth create a dreamy and heavenly atmosphere, which is perfect for an ending track.

The whole project was a breath of fresh air, and it was easily their best work to date. We know for a fact that Ardency does not just make music that people want to hear, but rather some very original material that utilizes their creativity and brand of sound. Sky is the limit for these guys, and we certainly hope to expect more refreshing tunes in the near future. Peep the EP below and show some support if you dig!

Ardency – Like That
Ardency – Crystals (feat. Icelandia)
Ardency – Races
Ardency – Mechanism (feat. Icelandia)
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