100 Degrees (ft. Quinn XCII)

Although KOLAJ hasn’t even been a group for a year, we’ve long been fans of theirs. Since their start, they’ve already amassed a strong following, been billed for shows, and collaborated with Kaskade. Pretty good track record if you ask us. Now, they are adding to their collection with another solid record, this time with Quinn XCII called “100 Degrees.”

This indie-dance meets pop record is another example of why KOLAJ is a need to know act. When these two end up on the radio, it will be no surprise as songs like this have been coming out of their camp since the beginning, however this may just be their best yet. It takes from several genres for a perfectly balanced mixture of sounds. As always, the vocals are on point, and the instrumental is out of this world. It’s only a matter of time before these two take over, so you better get with the program before everyone is already on board.

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