I feel like Australia just has an infinite supply of talented artists. In the middle of that vast harbor of talent, you will find a Sydney treasure that goes by the name Nyxen. Recently, this Aussie put out a two track EP called Running that will have you sprinting to the nearest Nyxen show.

We can only imagine how fun a set by her would be, and part of why we can imagine that is because of these two singles. First, the title track is a masterful gem. Starting from a simple guitar riff, Nyxen was inspired and built out this entire single herself, even including her own vocal recordings. Secondly, we have “Monster” which has a similar style to the first, but takes slightly different path to give the EP a hint of variety. We’re going to be keeping a sharp eye on Nyxen in the future and we urge you to do the same.

’Nyxen – Running’
’Nyxen – Monster’
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