Smith & Thell
ROW (Castell Remix)

Smith & Thell is the creative folk-pop act hailed as the most exciting artist to emerge from Sweden’s developed pop music scene. The duo’s most recent single “ROW” resounds with a combination of the epic cadence natural to Scandanavian music and a pure pop melody that almost smacks of country pop from the United States. These familiar motifs make “ROW” perfect material for a fun dance remix by Castell, a DJ and adept remix artist from Stockholm.

Castell maintains the song’s original pace while beefing up the percussion to a level appropriate for the dance floor. The instrumental hook explodes into the mix as a twisting, high-pitched lead reminiscent of the tropical vibe from early Kygo material. All told, one Stockholm producer puts a delicious dance twist on an excellent pop hit from another Stockholm group, Smith & Thell. As pop music continues to borrow more material from the EDM realm, it’s great to hear a distinct dance remix on a fresh pop tune. When it call comes from the same city, that’s something to keep your eye (or ear) on.

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