Saint Motel
My Type (Eau Claire Remix)

Washington D.C. based dance bender Eau Claire has been cruising on a tsunami sized wave of buzz lately, and clearly has no plans on slowing down. Certainly one of the busier remixers to permeate our airwaves, Eau Claire’s latest revision comes on indie supergroup Saint Motel‘s radio sweeping single “My Type”, and she’s slathered her feelgood corner of dancefloor directed sound all over it. If you’ve heard the original tune, you may have most likely gotten that original sax hook stuck inside your temporal lobe for better or worse; but Eau Claire effortlessly errs on the better side. Saint Motel’s vocal  gets swaddled in syrupy sweet synth and glittery pads before letting that aforementioned hook burst through, bolstered by pulsating yet light kicks and airy claps resultign in just a beautiful alternate take on Saint Motel’s. Good luck getting this one out of your head today. Stream Eau Claire’s “My Type” remix above and be on the lookout for more additions to her steady and tasteful output soon.

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