This is an absolute beauty of a debut. Vallis Alps is a fresh face to SoundCloud, and while most new acts stick with a resounding single for a first release, this group has resorted to unleashing a masterful EP with four songs encompassing a myriad of emotions. This duo meshes delicate vocals alongside sweeping, ambient productions that ebb and flow with the powerful and unique nature of similar Australian artists and producers such as Hayden James and Chet Faker.

The self-titled EP begins with “Young,” a guitar assisted, futuristic tune full of yearning and constructed with a graceful groove supplemented by the group’s vocalist, Parissa. “Young” is as bouncy as it is beautiful. “Thru” gently eases in next and opts for an even more gentle approach with its spacey organ intro paving the way for Parissa yet again. Eventually “Thru” resolves into an exciting but not overbearing drop reminiscent of a song that could have been a b-side on Flume’s first album.

Halfway through, we reach “Oh!,” a track that juggles pitched vocals, a four on the floor rhythm, and acoustic guitar throughout. Being the more upbeat track of the EP, “Oh!” is sure to see some heightened success soon. We wrap up the stellar project with “Reprieve.” Pairing piano melodies with bitcrushed synths, Vallis Alps uses this tune as a perfect bookend to this cohesive EP.

No matter the setting, Vallis Alps is a necessary addition to your daily listening routine. David’s production teaming up with Parissa’s vocals are a dynamite combination. They are on track for a wonderful 2015 already. They’ve made all their songs available for download on SoundCloud here and on Bandcamp as well, so be sure to support them and grab your copy today!

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