We are constantly spoiled by new acts magically appearing on SoundCloud almost daily, and the second release from VOKES irrevocably proves that. “Value” provides another stunningly smooth helping from Mike Harris’ debut EP, Fractalism, that leans more toward an electronically focused influence than his RAC-esque debut, “Cruel Game.”

This tune defines itself on a much more grandiose approach than the first, mainly evident in the resounding choruses and the careful crescendo into each that builds his vocals and instrumentation into a fever pitch at every resolution. The most noteworthy accomplishment by far is the range VOKES exhibits from one song to the next, showing a shift from a tightened down pop structure to a sweeping and more complex electronic creation. Now, with only two releases, discussing an artist’s range may appear to be a shortsighted claim, but the fact that it comes up at all while digging into this pair of songs shows the extent of possibility ahead for Mike Harris and his VOKES project. Fractalism sounds exciting so far, and we’re more than ready for it.

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