One of my first posts here at The Music Ninja was one of my all-time favorite bands, Faded Paper Figures. Well, a few years have passed and here I am again, writing about a group that is always a heavy hitter in my rotation. The masters of poppy indietronica just dropped this single yesterday from their upcoming album, The Matter, due out in October. It features a bevy of instruments including guitar, drums, a banjo, some woodwinds instruments, synthesizers, old timey movie samples, and an old man playing the spoon. Ok, there’s no old man playing a spoon, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they incorporated that at some point.

All kidding aside, no matter how many sounds they blend together, one thing always remains the same; this trio writes poppy, catchy and lovable tracks. Make sure to watch out for their upcoming album.

’Faded Paper Figures Information Runs On (from the album The Matter coming Oct. 2012)’
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