Saint Pepsi
Fiona Coyne

We’ve been searching long and hard for that one song that encompasses everything Summer represents. With such great music coming out each and every week, the search has become almost too challenging for our taste, however, despite those grueling efforts, our team here at TMN is happy to announce that we have officially broken our dry spell with the Summer anthem of 2014 and would like to generously give the winning song to Long-Island musician, Saint Pepsi.

Saint Pepsi, otherwise known as Ryan DeRobertis, is one of those artists that synth-fully blends together nostalgia, love, and cognitive dissonace. His music makes your subconscious process the emotive value of his words, but your body is forcing you to dance through the conflicting thought patterns. Talk about a pickle to be in.

Just recently, Saint Pepsi signed with Carpark Records and released his debut single, “Fiona Coyne”. Shifting into more of the indie-pop realm of production, he has taken his sound and redefined everything we know and understand what it means to be elevated to new heights. With the release of this track and with new music on the horizon, Saint Pepsi is preparing us all for what may be the end of the internet as we know it.

“Fiona Coyne” was inspired by a character from an old Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which Saint Pepsi expresses the idea that music is capable of sparking romance in places we may not deem possible. The concept alone has a much more intrinsic value beneath it, but on the surface, this song has an addicting melody, a funky beat, and some adorable nostalgic lyrics to match the summery, groovy vibe. Saint Pepsi has pushed pop-culture into a more positive limelight and “Fiona Coyne” is proof that artistry and eclecticism still exist in our world. We think he has definitely fulfilled his ambitious goal of “creating pop music for freaks”, so why don’t you press play and re-kindle that flame between you and your soul because you might just find yourself floating amidst the clouds.

Pre-Order Fiona Coyne here – Out next month on Carpark Records

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