Too many times we may overlook a band because they don’t carry a trademark name. We browse over them like tacky book covers. Fortunately for you we keep our eye out for the newest and upcoming bands. Don’t pass on Generationals. Lend a listen to their new track, “Lucky Numbers”. It’s been about a year since their last full-length release, so this track is quite deserving of a warm reception. I love it when bands release one track here and there. And it sweetens the pot when the band is good — really good. Enjoy this summer-time jam-track by Generationals. It’s simple, but the clamoring banter of the synth elements dance around each other and get stuck in your brain in all the best ways.

’Generationals – Lucky Numbers’

Their upcoming EP, Lucky Numbers, comes out October 2nd. They are on tour so scope tour dates here. And if you want more of their music, snag their 2011 release, Actor-Caster, available on CD and digital download.

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