Girl Ray
I'll Make This Fun

As a blogger, one of the best feelings in the world is stumbling across budding young talent. This time around, we happened to come across this London-based trio while we were rummaging around in SoundCloud. Yes, the track has been out for a few months already, but with only 10,000 streams, we’re assuming a good lot of you haven’t heard it yet. And, you most certainly should.

Comprised of Sophie, Poppy, and Iris, Girl Ray has already developed an incredibly charming sound with only two releases. Today, we’re highlighting “I’ll Make This Fun” which is a soft, pleasantly dreary, and deeply engaging indie rock tune. Musically, it calls on associations of Neutral Milk Hotel (which they cite as one of their influences), boasting hazy guitar chords and understated percussion work. Vocally, we can’t help but think of fellow Londoner Marika Hackman, both of which have a pleasantly ominous glow around their tone.

These three have a few upcoming shows. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend checking them out live.

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