San Francisco based indie-rockers Girls made huge impression last September when they released the excellent Album. To follow up their fantastic debut, the duo produced this deeply sad and personal EP, Broken Dreams Club.

While there are no immediately gratifying songs on Broken Dreams Club like Album’s “Lust for Life” or “Laura” on the EP, “Thee Oh So Protective One” sounds nothing like you’ve ever heard from Girls before, and yet still maintains a familiar and comfortable air about its intensely sad lyrics. Single “Heartbreaker” is more of a return to the thematic styles of Album, but it still manages to feel more mature, tighter, and polished.

It’s hard to immediately describe the sound of Girls, but their music has a certain feel to it. It’s as if they have captured the very spirit of San Francisco, and stored it in songs. And that’s a good thing.

Girls – Heartbreaker

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