Kai Straw

“Bones” is the last single that Kai Straw is pushing prior to his album’s release date on April 12th. Toothpick is one of the more promising independent albums you will look forward to this year. One of the most intriguing songs off the album is “Bones,” which tells a chilling tale that you just have to hear to believe.

Kai Straw’s move to a more live oriented sound is evident right from the start of “Bones.” Kai has always been able to tell tales with his songs, so hearing what this song’s lyrical content consists of is no surprise. With the James The Bear produced instrumental, we get a funky, vivacious sound that is just as playful as the lyrics are. Strong piano chords and groovy guitar riffs are highlights of the production that lays a backdrop for Kai to let his vocal loose. Stream the single, and get ready for the full album release next week through Tenth Gate Records. If you haven’t checked out his previous singles, you may do so here.

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