It’s songs like these that make me wish for sunnier days in California. La Sera—which means “The Will” in French—is the latest project from Vivian Girls’ bassist and occasional vocalist Katy Goodman. The tracks below come from her recently released album La Sera, and they just beg to be played somewhere sunny, preferably near a beach or some laidback place where you can lay down for a few hours.

The title-track “Devils Hearts Grow Gold” is definitely the more relaxed of the two the tracks, and has an air of indie-pop that is simply irresistible to my ears. Sounding like a more upbeat and articulate version of ASKA’s phenomenal “There Are Many of Us,” the track hearkens back to a mixture of beach-pop and folk. Imagine somewhere between the delicacy of ASKA and the sunniness of Vivian Girls, and maintain all the quality you find both, and you will have this relaxing track.

Her self-titled debut record, La Sera, can be purchased online through Amazon or iTunes.

La Sera – Devils Hearts Grow Gold

’Devils Hearts Grow Gold’

Bonus: La Sera – Never Come Around

’Never Come Around’
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