Marika Hackman
Animal Fear

Animal Fear is the latest taste of things to come from London’s Marika Hackman. Ahead of February’s album release- We Sleep At Last- Marika unveils a stray away from the folk roots that roamed throughout her first two EP’s, and makes a venture into more reverb riddled territory. The product is a spacious and haunting offering, resonating with underlying depths and a subject matter ebbing at the surface. Animal Fear depicts the repression of transition into werewolf form; perhaps a micro example of the album and artworks theme: the darkness that lies within and the subsequent tussle with inner demons. Or something to that effect.

Whether or not you believe that Marika Hackman is the full package, she’s certainly intent on providing it with her forthcoming release. Working closely with photographer Glen Erler, the vinyl and cd format releases of We Sleep At Last, will contain a 24-page art booklet, featuring a visual depiction of the albums predominant narrative. Erler’s accompanying artwork is a feature that Hackman gives much emphasis to: On the 18th of February Marika will perform her album to an intimate crowd at The Cob Gallery, which will simultaneously host Glen Erler’s accompanying works alongside ones not featured in the booklet. A fitting visual support.

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