For the ones out there struggling with a long distance relationship, this song and accompanying video will truly speak directly to you. New to us here at the Music Ninja, Australian/Brooklyn indie-pop duo Nolita Knights speak with a refreshing bluntness from the perspective of a mind twisted up in the complications of a relationship that spans hundreds, even thousands, of miles. The lyrics being delivered start as a question posed by the singer: Why did he put himself in this situation? Why did he have to fall for a girl who is so far away? Fortunately, by the end of the song he remembers everything that made him fall head over heels for her in the first place. In addition to the lyricism, the stage that is set by the music alone is chilling. The sitting-in-a-dark-room alone feeling that really transcends right through the speakers quickly envelopes the listener’s surroundings. With the lyrics, music, and now video all working in unison, director Brooks Reynolds helps the band convey their message that in the end, fight hard enough and any relationship can survive the distance.

Nolita Kills’ “Distance Kills” is off the EP of the same name. Feel free to also stream the song below.

’Nolita Knights – Distance Kills’
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