Vicious Wishes

The close of the weekend definitely calls for a healthy dosage of dreamy encapsulating indie rock to help ease us into the inevitable start of yet another work week. Luckily for us, we stumbled across Denton-based Pageantry, and have subsequently added this lil’ beaut into our Sunday rotation.

“Vicious Wishes” soars with textural layers of piano, guitar, and soft, rhythmic percussion, giving listeners a chance to escape the worries of day-to-day minutia for a full five minutes. It seemingly teeters perfectly along the narrow line between spacey psych rock and hip-swaying indie rock, somehow perfectly pulling in elements of both. We don’t know whether to lie back in our favorite recliner and get lost in our own minds, or whether we should get up and dance around. Maybe we’ll alternate as we hit the repeat button. Problem solved.

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