It seems like some of the best things in life come out of an unexpected situation. Born in the summer of 2011, AMINAL was tossed together last-minute to open a bill. The founding members (Matt Battle, Matt DeWaters, and Ian Leonard) stepped on stage and improvised. Here we are two and a half years later, and we’re wishing we could have witnessed that show in Rochester, NY.

Gaining attention in upstate New York, this four piece indie rock group has opened for the likes of Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Static Jacks, MS MR and more. After spending some time with the EP, it’s easy to understand why this group is starting to make waves. We just hope these waves carry them across the US, so we can catch a live show.

The opening track fools you a little bit, utilizing buzzing electronic elements to kick things off. This reminded us a little bit of how The 1975 changed up their pace with “12,” utilizing slow builds to welcome in the next energetic track. “Cat Toys” falls into place perfectly, with uplifting synths and an enthusiastic guitar work.

“Let Me In” is our favorite of the bunch, harnessing a upbeat tempo that demands you to tap your feet, clap your hands and bob your head. Calling on associations of Fun and This is Me Smiling, the rough around the edges vocal harmonies create a the desire to sing along, and dance like you don’t give a shit what people are thinking. Coupled with frenetic drumming and engaging guitar riffs, this will most certainly have a place in our weekend playlists.

In a world of uncontrollable amounts of musical onslaught, it’s always nice to see something stand out above the monotony. Take a listen to their full EP below, then shoot them a tweet and let them know what you think.

’Cat Toys’
’Let Me In’
’The Score’
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