Brick + Mortar are back with an EP for us! With simple beats, powerful vocals and lyrics and a heavy electro backdrop, this EP has plenty of umph to get you up in the morning, on the dance floor, or into work on time. It’s almost impossible not to move to this music!

“Locked in a Cage” begins with vocals that sound vaguely reggae, if not for the fierce lyrics. The song employs a simple electric guitar well, creating a gritty feel that lasts beyond the song.

“Old Boy” keeps up the energy with a banging drums, a driving bass line and contagious lyrical repetition. The short ditty relies on crunchy synth notes to drive the melody.

This EP is solid, high energy fun!

’Brick + Mortar – Locked In A Cage’
’Brick + Mortar – Old Boy’


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