IYES, a new indie/electro pop duo from the UK, mix simmering, ambient electronics with powerful pop. The result? On “Lighthouse” — which they’ve dubbed as a demo, but trust us, it sounds way better than a scratchy, homemade recording — the group transcends where The xx might have otherwise left us a little unsatisfied. The beginning is sparse, minimal (and yes, very xx-like), with bits of sound fluttering softly like tiny ripples in the ocean. But it doesn’t stop there; this is actually where it picks up energy. The track reaches out and pulls anxiously. This needing, longing feeling that aches and won’t go away, is propelled not only by the nice dueling male/female vocals, but by the general exuberance, umph of the rest of the song. Demo or not, “Lighthouse” is not one to miss. Tune in below:

’Lighthouse (demo)’
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