Ryn Weaver
The Fool

If your ears haven’t come across Ryn Weaver’s latest release off of her forthcoming 11-track album, The Fool, then it’s time for you all to listen up. Only two weeks ago, Weaver exposed the album’s title track, “The Fool,” which truly introduces listeners to Ryn’s abilities as a vocalist.

Deviating far away from her sound in “OctaHate,” Weaver invites you into her mind, letting all guards down, allowing you to get intimate with her doubts and imperfections when it comes to relationships. The lyrics are centered around the idea that she is more prone to messing up a relationship while she is deeply conflicted with the desire to make it last.

Paralleled with the idea that a lover doesn’t know what he’s signing up for when getting involved with her, Ryn throws listeners off by entering the song with unheard of deep vocals that have “independent woman” written all over them. But naturally, she throws another curve ball during the chorus when she suddenly shifts the deep pitch to one that reaches incredible heights.

With Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and the brilliant Benny Blanco as co-producers, “The Fool” is nothing short of stunning. If you’re as excited about Weaver’s album release as we are, make sure to jump on the pre-order!

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