I Threw My Life Into The Sea

Your ears aren’t deceiving you. It’s not 1967, and you’re not listening to The Beatles. You’re actually enjoying the latest tune from East Yorkshire-based Bitmap, which is coming your way via Love Our Records.

Love your record is an understatement. We’re head over heels about it. The combination of upbeat percussion, rhythmic guitars, playful backing vocals, and memorable lead vocals leave us wanting to pack up nothing more than swim trunks, flip flops, and some bare necessities, for a cross-country road trip to the beach.

Speaking of vans, the release comes with a slightly bizarre annotation, which you can find below. Once you finish up with that, head over and give this budding young act a like on facebook.

Rent a van. A small one will do. Fill it up carefully with everything you own. Drive it to the coast, down onto the beach if you can. Unload the van into the black, icy water. Watch as your vinyl collection, toothbrush, shoes and passport disappear beneath the rising tide. Soon they’ll all be gone for good. Eventually, the van will no longer be visible either. Finally, empty your pockets onto what’s left of the sand and walk away. Don’t look back. You’ve probably lost the deposit on the van, but that’s the least of your worries now.
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