In Flight Safety

You can credit Canada with many a triumph: having mountains of music to admire being one of them. We could write essays on Broken Social Scene’s quiet conquering of all things indie-rock. Or Braids’ fixation with curating ethereal evening atmospherics. But let’s not discuss that, because in “Animals,” Canadian band In-Flight Safety have delivered a guitar driven dalliance that’s well worth chatting about.

Think the sophisticated swoon of Interpol, but exchange the introspection for a somewhat simmering and pop driven performance. Not the serious and composed exterior of Paul Banks or Matt Bellinger, but instead dulcet, demure tones that underlie a playful and summery soundscape.

Without being sultry or self conscious, “Animals” is an exhibition of nu-indie featuring the care free confidence of the 90’s gone by.

As the remnants of summer start to subside, In-Flight Safety deliver a dose of sun sprayed exuberance, before the winter encroaches upon our ears.

Note: Don’t google in-flight safety without the addition of ‘band’. You may stumble across a lecture relaying the perils of carrying your pets as cargo: there’s a high mortality rate involved in this process.

“Animals” is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Conversationalist, releasing 22nd of September via Conehead UK.

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