Brave Love

Many things get lost across the great pond separating the UK and US: the spelling of doughnut, the ‘z’ for an ‘s’ replacement and the thing called a corn dog. Think it’s a hot dog in cake, never too sure.

Alongside this trivia lies the loose term ‘indie’. Here in the UK we once used it to describe independently produced music, but post semantic shift and many a cup of tea later, indie mainly translates as: something that sounds a bit like The Libertines. Or words to that effect.

Pennsylvanian four-piece Kingsfoil may be self-proclaimed indie rockers, but their new track Brave Love is in fact pure and perfect glistening pop. Don’t let labels fool you, Kingsfoil are recalling the laconic strummings of Jack Johnson, laced with the voice on sleeve sentiments of Coldplay. Their formulaic approach to pop is revived with laid back harmonies, cooly concocted rnb-esque vocals and a laden passion for authenticity. Essentially Brave Love brings the classic ballad into the 21st century, blending the old with the new it’s simultaneously familiar and fresh.

Side stepping the operatic shouting of the 90’s, Kingsfoil’s sighing falsetto and modernistic approach to a conventional pop structure has won them an army of devoted admirers. Brave Love and all its allure will be no deterrent.

Brave Love is out now and is available for listening on both Soundcloud and the bands official website.

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