Summer Lane

Los Angeles based indie rockers Owenstone are offering a glimpse into their upcoming EP with “Summer Lane.” Better yet? You can snag a free download right now.

Contemporary and carefree, this one could easily top your mid-summer play counts. Picture it billowing out over the ocean from the radio deck of a classic convertible cruising down the highway.

After a leading riff of pulsating, infectious rhythm guitar, prepare to be immersed in blissful, dreamy wanderlust. Frontman Nathan Owen’s vocals meander gently between the layers of melody–melody laced with coastal vibes, clasped to rivulets of strings that tether it aimlessly to both blacktop and countryside. A solo, redolent of sitar, adds timelessness to the contemporary–sealing a spot on my summer go-to playlists for years to come.

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