Suns Up
Love You Back

It’s the middle of November. For a Colorado resident, that means we’re looking at snow on the ground, scraping ice off our windshields, and spending a great deal of our time indoors. While that may be my reality at the moment, Sussex-based Suns Up has my mind fully engulfed in daydreams of road trips to beachside towns, late nights by campfires, and rocking nothing but flip flops for months on end.

In just their second release, this brand spankin’ new outfit has the sound that’s extremely polished, calling on associations of The 1975, Phoenix, and Vampire Weekend. It’s bright, sunny, and about as catchy as anything I’ve heard over the past year.

‘Love You Back’ is this first song we wrote as a band, so it feels great to share it with the world” the band explain. “It was recorded in a beautiful old chapel in the countryside which lent to the depth and character of the recording, but also gave us the space and freedom to experiment with different things to really have fun with the track. – Suns Up

Don’t take my word for it, though. Press play above and get ready to boogie.

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