The 1975

It seems like every other week we have a tasty musical treat from Manchester indie rockers The 1975. It also seems like every other week we’re clamoring to get a post up as fast as humanly possilbe. Both are true statements have been entirely true as of late, and if you take a minute to listen, it’s not hard to understand why.

Today we have the band’s newest release, “Milk”. which appears on a split 7″ with The Neighbourhood’s “No Grey” that the bands will be selling on the road during their US dates together. We especially enjoyed this tune because it effectively straddled the border of the two sounds the band excels at. On one hand, they’ve developed an amazing knack for creating catchy poppy songs like “Chocolate” and “Sex”. On the other hand, they also have the amazing ability of creating dreamy, down tempo tracks like “Falling for You.”

“Milk” has lyrics that are easy to sing along to, rhythmic drumming and addicting repetitious guitars, but maintain that shoegazey melodic sound that we’ve all come to love.

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The 1975