Manchester sensation The 1975 (as seen here) has graced us with their brand new debut LP. With a hazy, dreamy feel and catchy melodies, the listener would be forgiven for missing the subtle layering and rich texture beneath each song. The overall effect is powerful, fun and moving in places.

“M.O.N.E.Y.” begins with a layered effect that creates the dream-like haze that accompanies so many songs on this album. The lyrics float over the tune, standing out when they need to, blending into the melody when needed and generally feed into the narcotic undertones of the song.

At first blush “Chocolate” seems like a pop ode to smoking marijuana (and eluding authorities), but the consumer can discover more after repeated listening. Besides the catchy guitar riff, the song captures the spirit of youth that translates across the pond: “despite warnings, we’re going to have fun and take risks because there’s nothing else to do!” The lyrics don’t offend and don’t glamorize the habit, but capture the thinking process there–sort of a lazy carpe diem, if you like.

“Settle Down,” contains catchy guitar riffs over synth, and creates a melody that sticks. The poppy tune reminds the listener of the 80’s but without sounding trite or stale.

Finally, “Robbers,” taps back into the dreamy tone of the album. The ballad feel of the song is well done, creating some power at the end that moves.

Overall, the album embodies all of the great things coming out of the UK at the moment, indie-music wise. The 1975 captures the fun of genre but doesn’t sacrifice anything artistically: well made, creative, fresh and serious music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Good stuff! Take a listen here.

’The 1975 – The 1975’
’The 1975 – The City’
’The 1975 – M.O.N.E.Y’
’The 1975 – Chocolate’
’The 1975 – Sex’
’The 1975 – Talk!’
’The 1975 – An Encounter’
’The 1975 – Heart Out’
’The 1975 – Settle Down’
’The 1975 – Robbers’
’The 1975 – Girls’
’The 1975 – 12’
’The 1975 – She Way Out’
’The 1975 – Menswear’
’The 1975 – Pressure’
’The 1975 – Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You’
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