As the week closes out, we’ve got another brand new artist for you. Well, sort of. Musician Adrian Galvin is a founding member of the band Yellerkin, who were featured in our Indie Dojo playlist almost exactly a year ago. Earlier this week, the multi-talented artist announced a solo project under the moniker Yoke Lore with a song that we absolutely had to share. Diverging from the folk-stylings of Yellerkin, “Heavy Love” features a soaring sound with beautifully layered vocals to match. Additional electronic instrumentations–atmospheric pads and pounding synths–add a chillwave flavor that truly ties the song together. Still, Galvin’s somber, emotive crooning may be the most enticing part of the track drawing the listener in from the very start.

“Heavy Love” is the first single of Yoke Lore’s upcoming debut EP, Far Shore, which is due out this spring. In the meantime, save this soothing gem for your weekend hangover and peep what Galvin had to say about the project below.

Yoke Lore is about connections and contact. Music is a medium for communicating ideas and identities and stories. Yoke Lore is a set of stories; a collection of mundane accounts of relationships between people and things. We use these stories both in times of dejection to find solace and in times of bliss in order to remember ourselves… Yoke Lore is a mythical language that gives voice to all of us who at times cannot articulate why living is so tough.
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