In 2011, Yuck‘s penchant for grunge and 90’s nostalgia, saw their debut offering Get Away released to an acclaim so high it was hard not to reach for the bandwagon. Ex-frontman Daniel Blumberg seemed to be steering them back into an age of raw, lo-fi sentiment. The era where abrasive authenticity was aplenty and euphoric indie rock: embraced and prevalent. Yuck’s beginnings were certainly an accolade to grunge times past. Post-Daniel departure, the question on the lips of all anticipatory Yuck fans: have the wheels left the wagon?

The exit of a frontman and co-writer/producer leaves a hole, it also leaves room for reinvention. What better to shovel into this gap than a guitar laden wall of sound, some introspection and a dream-pop, fuzzy soundscape wide enough to once again throw your hopes into.

Following their aptly titled second album Rebirth, Yuck release a preview of surprise spring EP Southern Skies. Far from 2011, fresh track “Athena” continues to evidence the band’s transition into ethereal realms. Yuck look set to front a whole new resurrection, this time turning their attentions to the British mid-nineties movement of shoe gaze. Meeting all specifications, “Athena” embodies the fuzzy form and introspection of My Bloody Valentine circa Loveless. Vocals are softened and often indistinguishable; blending with the noise-pop backdrop, in a non-abrasive and flawless fashion. Dreamy soundscapes eventually leading to a heavier more climactic closure. Whilst retaining elements of their pensive past, Yuck’s last UK tour saw Max Bloom take the wheel, steering in a direction that featured tight live performances, complete composure and a promising new form.

“Athena” can be heard above. Taken from forthcoming Spring EP, Southern Skies.

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