As we slowly drag ourselves back into normal life, after spending a full three days off, we’re anxiously staring down an inbox teeming with submissions. Luckily for us, one of the first emails we came across was an absolute gem. If you’re having trouble assimilating into non-weekend life, press play above. It will help assuage what’s ailing you.

Last year, Melbourne indie-pop trio Stonefox released their debut single “All I Want”, which saw tremendous success amongst bloggers and music lovers alike. The self-produced, charmingly lo-fi track racked up an impressive 180k listens and we’re pretty sure “Arrow” is well on its way to a similar fate.

Dropping just hours ago, “Arrow” is an emotive, ambient creation, rife with memorable lyric and heavenly vocal harmonies. It’s gentle, easing the listener into a welcoming listening experience, reminding us of the beautiful simplicity we appreciate with lo-fi tracks like this.

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