It’s not often you get to hear two cousins making music together. Even at that, it’s more rare that the material is good. Well, today we have Thalab, the familial act whose EP, A Good Swim, is good indeed. Released on Juicebox Recordings, this four song project is a staple as far as indie music goes in 2017.

One of the great things about this EP is none of the tracks are too similar to each other. Sometimes indie bands stick with a certain sound, never branching out to new possibilities but Thalab does that with every song on the project. Not only do they keep things fresh, but each song is a hit, making it extremely difficult to pick a favorite. That’s how you know you’ve got something spectacular. Check out the EP below, as well as what the duo had to say about A Good Swim and grab a copy from iTunes.

A Good Swim was written and recorded last year in a room in London, by the two of us. All of the four songs came into their own in an intriguing way for us, we followed them rather than the other way around. There’s some second-rate psychoanalysis in there, some mythology, idealized kitsch landscapes and gardening problems. Both sound and words were the result of loosening up the way we approach making music.
– Thalab

’2 Sails’
’Morning, Before My Plant Dies’
’Good Swim’
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