What an exciting compilation of songs we have for you today. Red Brick Songs and Casablanca Media put together a retreat where an amazing group of talented acoustically inclined songwriters come together on Lake Couching to record and release an 8-track stellar compilation of heart warming storytelling.

Sky Barbarick of Noosa lends her delicately endearing voice for two tracks, both distinctively different. “Island Of Mine” springs up as the first track of the Sessions, setting the tone for charming and acoustic wonders. She then follows it with ‘Paper Legs’, a much quiet and serious piano driven tune that ultimately paves the way for Folly & The Hunter very own Nick Vallee with the as somber as beautiful ‘Tell Me’.

’Sky Barbarick (Noosa) – Island Of Mine’
’Sky Barbarick (Noosa) – Paper Legs’
’Nick Vallee (Folly & The Hunter) – Tell Me’

By track four, The Casablanca Sessions shines a bright light with ‘The Life I Knew’, composed by Wayne Petti (of Cuff The Duke) encompassing an audibly folk-rich instrumentation.

’Wayne Petti (Cuff The Duke) – The Life I Knew’

The Dead Sea Trolls, the a new collaborative project with James Armstrong of Los Encatados, Vanessa McLean (Lead Singer of Mad June) and Mooney of Le Trouble, also make an appearance with two upbeat indie rocks tracks before ‘Chase The Moonlight’ by Carl Jonson of Library Voices follows through.

’The Dead Sea Trolls – My Sanctuary’
’The Dead Sea Trolls – Permanent Holiday’
’Carl Johnson (Library Voices) – Chase The Moonlight’

The compilation wraps up in a majestic and surprising way as the soft and powerful vocals of Hayden Bursk from Oh Travioso sink your ears in a lightly guitar-picked ballad meant to either break hearts or mend them.

’Oh Travioso – Already Gone’

The Casablanca Sessions is a real testament of talented artist coming together for a common purpose, to make genuine heart felt music, and they were thoroughly successful at it.

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