A lot has happened in 7 years. Facebook and Apple have taken over the
world, Ke$ha somehow is selling albums (don’t ask us, we really can’t
explain it either), and the Get Up Kids have mended their band back together. The pop punk/emo rockers reunited in 2009, and have an album, There are Rules, that just came out last month with Quality Hill Recordings.

The group has changed up their sound quite a bit. The song, Shatter Your Lungs has a unique structure, electro driven bass line, and wavering synth scattered throughout. While it’s far off from the raw, emotional pop-punk they used to put out, we like seeing the progression in their music. Enjoy.

The Get Up Kids – Shatter Your Lungs.mp3

’The Get Up Kids – Shatter Your Lungs.mp3′
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