Question is, what took us so damn long to find this piece of gold? Meet The Moondoggies. Comprised of four very humble guys making music since 2008, this band will make you sway your hips like there is no tomorrow. When the track first starts off, you feel like you’re in New Orleans walking down a street of hanging street lights and bars filled with drunken voices. Lead singer Kevin Murphy makes it sound so darn easy and no matter where you are in your life, you’re able to connect to this lyrics. And just wait until the end, when he starts singing in his lazy, but sexy voice, “No I would, no I would, no I would”. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Too good.

The Moondoggies are currently on a Northwestern tour, and their latest album, Tidelands, is out now via Hardly Art.

’The Moondoggies – What Took So Long’
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